回歸跑 暨 半馬拉松聯賽第二站     Hong Kong Reunification Marathon & 2nd leg of Half Marathon League

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Race Information

比賽日期: 2018年7月1日(星期日)        
Date: Sunday, 1 July 2018    
起步時間: 半馬拉松賽    7:00 AM      
Start time : Half-Marathon    
  十公里賽    7:30 AM    
  10Km Race    
起跑地點: 半馬拉松賽 大水坑單車公園      
Start points: Half-Marathon Tai Shui Hang Bicycle Park       
  十公里賽 大水坑單車公園      
  10Km Race Tai Shui Hang Bicycle Park       
  半馬拉松賽 大水坑橋行李寄存區      
行李寄存: Half-Marathon Designated area at Tai Shui Hang Bridge    
Baggage Storage:          
  十公里賽 大水坑橋行李寄存區    
  10Km Race Designated area at Tai Shui Hang Bridge    
行李領取; 所有運動員於完成賽事後,在行李區憑號碼布領回行李。    
Baggage Collection: All participants should retrieve their baggage in the designated area.

Race Route:

比賽距離: 半馬拉松賽 21.095km            
Distance: Half-Marathon              
  十公里賽 10km            
  10Km Race              
比賽時限: 半馬拉松賽 3小時            
Time limit: Half-Marathon 3 hours            
  十公里賽 2小時            
  10Km Race 2 hours            
名額: 半馬拉松賽              
Quota: Half-Marathon 800人            
  10Km Race 1200人            
報名費: 半馬拉松賽              
Entry fee: Half-Marathon HK$250             
  10Km Race HK$150            
「完成賽事證書」行政及郵遞費用每張HK$50,不設到取。 參賽者亦可自行下載電子「完成賽事證書」,費用全免。
  Race Completion Certificates are available but not for collection at A.A.  HK$50 will be charged for each Race Completion Certificate to cover administration cost and postage.  Participants may also download the e-certificate (Race Completion Certificate only) free of charge.
每位參賽者可自由額外捐款,凡捐款HK$100或以上可要求發出免稅收據。 籌得善款將全數撥入「運動無國界」基金內,用作協助所有弱勢社群、挑戰極限、釋出正能量的參與體育運動的人士。
  Voluntary donations are welcome.  Donations over HK$100 are tax-deductible and receipts are available upon request. All donations will be channeled into the "Sports without Boundary" fund. This fund would help disadvantaged communities, those who challenge their limits and sports participants who radiate positive energies.
報名方法: 登入 https://www.acthk.org/ 報名及付款          
Enrolment: Click into https://www.acthk.org/ for enrolment and payment          
紀念品: 1. 精美紀念 T 恤一件            
Souvenirs:     One T-shirt each            
  2. 完成賽事獎牌一枚            
       One medal each for completion of race            
  3. 其他精美禮品            
      Other gifts            
  *大會不保證能提供參賽者所選擇的 T 恤尺碼,獲發的 T 恤尺碼將視乎存貨量而定。     
  No guarantee on provision of the size chosen by participants; the sizes of the T-shirts to be provided are subject to their stocks.
更改項目: 參賽者更改比賽項目,必須在2018年6月1日前辦理,每次繳交行政費HK$80。
Change of event: No requests for alteration of entry will be entertained after 1 June  2018; an administration fee of HK$80 will be charged for each request.
獎項: 所有獎項及名次均以大會時間計算。
Awards: All awards and positions are based on the official time.  
  1st to 6th position awards for all categories of race.

賽事組別  Race Groups
比賽距離                                         半馬拉松賽 十公里賽
Distance Half-Marathon 10Km Race
  (21.095km) (10km)
兒童組 (2007-2011年出生) 男子組  Male 男子組  Male
Children (born in 2007-2011) 女子組  Female 女子組  Female
少年組 (2004-2006年出生) 男子組  Male 男子組  Male
Junior (born in 2004-2006) 女子組  Female 女子組  Female
青年組 (1999-2003年出生) 男子組  Male 男子組  Male
Youth (born in 1999-2003) 女子組  Female 女子組  Female
青壯組 (1989-1998年出生) 男子組  Male 男子組  Male
Adult 1 (born in 1989-1998) 女子組  Female 女子組  Female
成人組 (1979-1988年出生) 男子組  Male 男子組  Male
Adult 2 (born in 1979-1988) 女子組  Female 女子組  Female
先進組 (1959-1978年出生) 男子組  Male 男子組  Male
Senior (born in 1959-1978)       女子組  Female 女子組  Female
元老組 (1958年或之前出生) 男子組  Male 男子組  Male
Veteran (born in or before 1958) 女子組  Female 女子組  Female

參加者紀念品 T 恤尺碼  Souvenir T-shirt sizes            
尺碼 XS S M L XL XXL          
胸寬 34" 36" 38" 40" 42" 44"          
Chest width          
衫長 23" 24" 25" 26" 28" 30"          
*參賽者可選擇不需要 T 恤,但不設退款;                  
Participants may choose not to receive the T-shirt but no refund is available.            
All sizes are for reference only.                       
領取選手包(號碼布+汗衫)  Collection of Runner's Pack (Bib and T-shirt)        
日期: 22/06/2018 – 23/06/2018 (星期五,六) (Fri, Sat)
時間: 10:30 – 19:00
地點: 力行社 - 沙田石門安心街19號滙貿中心19樓1902室
Venue: Activist Association - 1902 New Commerce Centre, On Sum Street, Shek Mun, Shatin
注意: 參賽者或代領者須出示選手包領取通知書(電郵/短訊/WhatsApp)及參賽者身份證明文件或副本前往領取 (例如:身份證/ 學生證);
Note: Participants or authorized collectors must present the Notification for Collection of Runner's Pack (e-mail/e-message/WhatsApp) and the participant's identity document such as his/her ID card /student card (or a copy of it) to collect the Runner's Pack.
重要事項  Important                  
1.  只接受個人電郵報名;
Only e-mail enrolment of individuals will be accepted
2.  不接受同一電郵有2人或以上的報名;
Only one single enrolment per e-mail address.
3.  如成功報名,大會即會發出確認電郵。若付款後兩小時內仍未收到電郵通知,請盡快於辦公時間內致電「力行社」查詢;
A confirmation e-mail will be sent immediately upon each successful enrolment.  If no e-mail notification is received within two hours after settlement of payment, please contact Activist Association as soon as practicable during office hours.
4.  報名額滿即止;
Enrolment will close when the quota is reached. 
5.  選手包領取通知書將於賽前兩星期以電郵/短訊/WhatsApp通知;
Notification for Collection of Runner’s Pack will be issued via e-mail/e-message/WhatsApp two weeks before the Race Day.
條文及規則  Terms and Rules                
1.  所有報名將於收妥比賽報名費後才作處理;
No enrolment will be processed until the entry fee is well received.
2.  報名一經接受,或有重複報名(只計一人資料),報名費均不獲發還及不得轉讓;
No refund or transfer of entry fees will be entertained once the enrolment is accepted or when there is double enrolment (and only one enrolment is counted)
3.  如賽事因天氣或其他因素被迫取消,本會不作另行安排及退款;
No other arrangements or refund will be made if the races have to be cancelled because of adverse weather or other factors.
4.  本會不設任何上訴;
No appeals will be entertained.
5.  參賽者的個人保險需自行負責;
Participants should be responsible for personal insurance coverage of their own.
6.  大會設有行李寄存,但參賽者需自行保管貴重物品,如有遺失,恕不負責;
Luggage deposit service will be available but participants should be responsible for their own valuables.  The Organizer disclaims responsibilities for loss of participants' properties. 
7.  大會在賽道上設有水站
Water supply stations will be set up along the race courses.
8.  本會擁有修改及解釋以上規則的權利;
The Organizer has the rights to amend and interpret the rules above.
9.  若比賽當天懸掛八號或以上颱風、黑色暴雨訊號或非人力可控制之情況影響,比賽將會取消;
In case of typhoon signal No. 8 or above, black rainstorm warning, or other situations beyond human control, the races will be cancelled. 
10.  參賽者個人資料只作是次及相關活動使用;
Personal data of participants will only be used for this event and related activities.
11.  大會保留因應道路實際情況或緊急情況下,於賽事前或因進行中更改賽道之權利而無須另行通知;
The Organizer reserves the right to change the race courses without prior notice before or during the races in accordance with the road conditions or emergencies at the time.  
12.  大會有權不接受參賽者報名。
The Organizer has the right to reject enrolment of any participant.


查詢  For enquiry

力行社  Activist Association

電話:2607 1780  (辦公時間:09:00-18:00 星期日及公眾假期休息)
Tel: 2607 1780 (Office hours: 09:00-18:00; closed on Sunday and public holidays)

Address:  Room 1902, 19/F, New Commerce Centre, 19 On Sum Street, Shek Mun, Shatin N.T., Hong Kong

網頁 Website︰www.acthk.org  
電郵 e-mail:inquiry@acthk.org